Leading Your School/ Organization During Hard Times

This article is written to encourage you on how to lead through COVID-19 pandemic.

As a school leader, you’re not only thinking about your own school or your own family; you’re thinking about the staff and families of all the people in your school. You’re also thinking about the mission of your school and the effect of the corona virus on your business.

I will like to encourage you not to feel down and out.

The good news about crises is that it won’t be the last forever. We will get through this.

Life may look different on the other side of crisis—sometimes everything returns to normal, sometimes it doesn’t—but we will get through this.

Every major crisis does two things.

  1. A crisis creates unexpected problems.
  2. A crisis creates unprecedented opportunities.

Which one would you rather focus on?

When a hard time creates opportunities, they usually come in these three categories:


Real, Financial, and Leadership opportunities

A crisis has the rare side effect of bringing intense clarity to an organization/school.

A crisis may mean you need to narrow your focus, redeploy team members to other areas, close a department, reallocate resources, adjust expenses, approve certain projects, and close down others.

These opportunities help your company/ school get laser-focused on what truly matters.

Be proactive not just reactive

Now is the time to go back to the drawing board!

Yours in Leadership,

Toyin Sam-Emehelu


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April 18, 2020

18 responses on "Leading Your School/ Organization During Hard Times"

  1. Lovely article Mrs Emehelu, thanks for always adding value to the industry.

  2. Thank you for this great information. It worth pounding on.

  3. Honestly, I was pondering on God’s promises at the beginning of this year 2020, with the recent happenings… The good news is that God glorify his children in the midst of crisis. For me, it is time to be proactive and identify opportunities around me with the help of God.
    Thanks for your word of comfort and reassurance.

  4. COVID 19 is actually causing a lot of pain and will still cause more, it’s actually a crisis period as noted in the write up above. Over 80 countries have approached the WORLD BANK for loan. However, there are also prospects after the pandemic for organisations/ schools who plan and prepare.
    There are job losses at present, production is at it’s lowest ebb, sales have nose dived except for essentials.
    Some parents will lose their jobs, for some it will be salary cut.

    Will all the students resume?
    Will Parents be able to afford the fees?
    Can schools diversify? Into what?
    Can schools offer complimentary services?
    Can fees be reduced?
    School leadership and owners need to reflect, plan and introduce some changes to enjoy the GAIN of post pandemic era.
    Only those who PLAN will PERFORM in the post COVID 19

  5. Well said Ma’am Toyin, great incite!! I would rather focus on unprecedented opportunities that crises brings,than to think other wise.
    Great write up as usual!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  6. Great one ma’am!

  7. Thanks as always for always encouraging the good side, that things can’t be bad if only we look for the good in every situation.

  8. June Gilbert-CollinsApril 15, 2020 at 12:47 pmReply

    Great article! While school leaders will have to make difficult decisions during this season, crisis also creates opportunities. I have learn that those who are fearful will get frozen and not take advantage of the opportunities, while those who have faith will seek out opportunities during a crisis.

  9. Thanks ma’am. Good job

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