Maximizing your Second Term Holiday

Tips on how to maximize your second term holiday

Tips for Maximizing your second term holiday

Most schools are on break now, others are already planning to resume, which ever category you fall, hey! You deserve every day of rest apportioned to you as an educator, especially if you have put in the needed hard work since the beginning of the term.

Below are some few tips on how to make the most use of it, given that the holiday is a short one and before you know it, phew! It’s will be time to get back to work again.

1) Take time to reflect over your life and how well you did on your job in the last three months

Being a professional teacher requires that you leverage on foresight and hindsight so as to continue to have insight.

This is a powerful tool you don’t want to toy with. So pick up that note pad now and record your discoveries!

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April 14, 2021

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