Maximizing your second term holiday(5)

Tips for Maximizing your second term holiday

Tips for Maximizing your second term holiday.(5) *Final Tip*💃

🙌Look for ways to hang out with people of like minds within and outside the teaching profession.

🙌Connecting with people is one sure way of making the most of your time during the holiday season.

🙌You can making a list of mentors, colleagues, associates, mentees and even family as well as new friends you will love to meet with won’t be a bad idea!

🙌Try to think through what you would like to discuss, and how your meet up will be beneficial to all parties involved.

🙌Take advantage of our 50% discount on all our online courses this holiday.

🙌Purchase any of our ebooks and settle down to read and gain new knowledge that will propel you to the next level!


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April 24, 2021

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