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“The journey of a thousand years”, they say, “begins with the first step”; this is the story of how the vision of Coreskills Developmental Services all began.

Toyin Sam-Emehelu, a renowned education expert, leader, speaker, mentor, coach and author, was saddened by the lack of expertise amongst educators in the school where she was leading, and the neighboring schools around her in Sango-Ota, Ogun –State Nigeria., Instead of folding her arms or feeling overwhelmed at the magnitude of the problem, Toyin decided to take action.
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Coreskills Developmental Services Timeline


2020 Events

Our first opportunity to impact the education space in 2020 started with Educators Life 2.O the topic explored was the successful educator; we collaborated with Mrs Bukola Lameed on of Africa’s mental health coach and the CEO at Safety republic international.

We have held the following events, so far:

  • Our Leadership development online course, held live 18th January, 2020
  • People skills online training, held March 7th 2020
  • Mentoring 10.0 commenced, 1st March, 2020 to be completed by participants, on May 31st, 2020


Educators Life Master Class

In 2019 we organized the first “Master Class” ever, “Educators Life Master Class”, in collaboration with “Fit to Teach CEO, Mr.  Kolawole Abiodun.  In February our online mentoring program took place.  In April, we offered Coreskills in Primary Education. Two facilitators were part of the training and an electronic book was published after the online course was completed.  On July 6th our “Getting Things Done” online course took place.  November 2nd is a day was a significant day as; our second educational leadership conference was held “IMMENSE”.

Four topics were discussed:

1) The “business” side of school operations;

2) School business profit through educational excellence;

3) Workplace Leadership in schools;

4) Leading on a higher level.



Online Mentoring Program

Wow! 2018 started with a big bang; our first event for the year was our three month online mentoring program (4th edition).  Learning to Lead 2.0 was also held, in addition to Leading and Creating a High Performing School 2.0.  Next on our schedule for the year was Coreskills Mentoring 5.0.  In June, Organizational Skills for Teachers training was facilitated online.  The “Responsive Classroom” (social emotional learning) was the topic for August.  We ended the year with our first Educational Leadership conference, “Limitless”, in November 2018.



Poise, Eloquence and Cash

2017 was a year we can never forget! Our maiden event was tagged (poise, eloquence and cash) this event was put together in collaboration with “Omalicha” a personal and professional branding organization.

The event was organized with the objective to provide teachers with a personal and professional makeover, so they could monetize, leverage, and optimize their craft as educators. All attendees were mentored for the subsequent three months free of charge!

Later in the year, we introduced our on-line mentoring program for educators and school leaders.  This has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling services we have delivered to date at Coreskills.

Another exceptional experience in 2017 was attending and facilitating some events organized by our mentee alumni.

Our mid-year courses were facilitated on line. Topics included: classroom leadership, and creating and leading a high-performance inspiring learning environment,

In October, 2017 we had our second live event, “Classroom to Consultant”.  It was indeed a grand event as teachers and school leaders who desired to become consultants were empowered in the seven core areas of educational consultancy.

The seven core areas that were explored were:

1) The business of educational consulting

2) Staying relevant

3) Testing the waters

4) The art of communication

5) The science of consulting

6) Leveraging on technology

7) Branding

We rounded up the year with an online course in December entitled planning and goal setting course for educators.



School Stability and Growth

Our focus for 2016 was to help school leaders attract and retain quality teachers, for School stability and growth.



Parents Trainings

A major milestone we achieved in 2015 was training parents on phonics. This event was “life transforming” as a lot of our attendees (parents) were able to teach their children with the right techniques of learning how to decode words and read with ease.



Teachers Trainings

2014 was the year we started on a very positive note in January, being invited to deliver training for teachers at multiple schools in and around Lagos.



School Owners Trainings

In 2013, we were concerned about how school owners were running their businesses ineffectively, and how we could help them maximize and make good use of their resources.  We delivered training sessions on” Running your school without financial stress”, and “Building structures and systems for your school”.  2013 was also a very memorable year for us because we started gaining profile in the industry.  We were invited to speak at Parent/Teacher association meetings and student orientation gatherings.



Phonics Trainings for Teachers

In 2012, we partnered with a United Kingdom non-profit organization called the African Legacy to establish and implement phonics training for teachers.  The goal was to enable and empower children in the rural communities in the northern states in Nigeria by effectively teaching them how to teach the children in their care how read and write using the phonic approach.



First Training Session

Coreskills first training session took place August 2nd, 2011 at Omolola International School’s hall at Sango-ota, Ogun-state Nigeria.

More training sessions were developed that first year, covering continuous professional development topics such as:

1) Classroom decoration

2) “Customer service” in schools;

3) Teaching  standards of practice;

4) How to attract and retain your customers;

5) Classroom management ;

6) Teacher self-esteem.

All these pilot courses were offered free for all participants.

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