Emmanuel Adejuwonlo Tugbiyele

I have known Toyin Sam-Emehelu for two years, and I can say that she is a woman of process, discipline and intention.

Being in her mentoring programme exposed me to a lot of areas of improvement, both in areas that I have been privy to, and the areas that I was able to recognise as a result of being in her programme. Her mentorship brought so many eureka moments to my fore, which made me discover parts of me that I never gave thought to as existent. Priceless moments for me were times she had straight discussions with me on career prospects fitting my personal gifting even while still being a teacher. She was instrumental to the creation of my editing company, DocuSweep Editing.

It was just a three-month exercise, but the impact on me can be measured in years. I have no doubt that she will be of great influence to other intending mentees.

Emmanuel Adejuwonlo Tugbiyele Class Teacher/Proof-reader/Editor/Teacher-trainer

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