Eniola Ejiko

My journey with this mentoring class has been a great experience. Before now had been faced with so many obstacles and limitations, I believed I had so much to offer others but could not do that effectively. These past few months have been transforming.

I have learnt to change my thinking, organize and plan myself better. I have begun to see solutions to problems and overcome my challenges with less excuses, am motivated and aspired daily to fulfill all my tasks by producing positive results.

I have learnt new skills in leadership and personal development, improved knowledge about social media, harnessed reading skills. I have been groomed, guided, trained and mentored in handling my personal and career life and also taught how to harness leadership skills.

This program has a helped me to prepare for my future and see a brighter view of how change is possible with preparation, planning, passion, teamwork and hard work.  I am transformed.

Eniola Ejiko Adult Education Expert

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