Funmi Alash

My name is Funmi Akinyemi Alash.

It all started on the 12th of January 2019 when I attended the Educator’s Master class put together by Coreskills developmental services.

After the class that lasted between the hours of 10am-5pm with different sections like the Life mastery skills, Mrs. Toyin Sam Emehelu section which I can’t stop reflecting on, Mr Kolawole Abiodun AKA The millionaire Teacher whose section set my skills on fire, the photographs section, questions and Answer section and of course the palatable Rice and salad section.

It was really a reflective moment for me because right there I took a life changing decision by registering for the mentorship class which was the best I gave myself as a birthday day gift. This decision has since improved my life positively and I must say it’s the best that has happened to me this year.

My life, career and relationship with people have really been fantastic over the past two months and I must say that my life has taken a different phase entirely.

All the sections has its own impart on my life and career and I see myself doing those things that ordinarily I would not have venture into but now I want to give a trial and see it work.

I have grown from ordinary to exceptional, I see possibilities and not impossibilities, strength and not weakness, I see goals and its achievement.

My vision has become clearer; I know my strength and how to channel it. My life as a whole has taken a different dimension and I can now weigh the pros and cons.

I am really grateful to Mrs. Sam and I pray that God will continue to enrich her in wisdom and strength.

Funmi Alash Blessed Trinity Schools

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