Joseph Oluchi

I find it hard getting words to describe the impact received during this mentoring process. As a result of the strike that came up sometime last year in school, I decided to undergo this mentoring process to develop myself. It was difficult, taking up this as I was left with the responsibility to fend myself through the Mentoring process. It was fun during the beginning of the 1st month, until the school resumed fully. I had problems multitasking; nevertheless,: I hate failure. I reached out to Mrs Toyin Sam-Emehelu; I appreciate God for the heavenly and professional advice shared by her.

I continued; studying the books given were mind blowing. They meet my needs. Through the guides from this Mentoring process, Brigde Ink Edu Services started its first event.

Mrs Toyin Sam-Emehelu is a great woman to learn from. It’s evident that she works of God’s direction and not just for money or fame.

I will recommend her anytime for a massive mentoring process as an Educator because you will receive deep learning only if you give yourself to it.

Thank you

Joseph Oluchi Final year student - Physics Education, University of Lagos

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