June Gilbert Collins, MaAEdT

I just got off my mentoring session with Toyin and I am still screaming to the top of my lungs with joy and excitement!

The session was so on point and very motivating. Toyin was so in tune to every word that came out of my mouth and was always thinking ahead with action items of things for me to implement to meet my goals, and any new challenge I brought up.

Speaking to her made me feel like I was speaking to my best friend. I was so comfortable in being open and transparent with my struggles. I have been on other calls where I felt the person was only interested in going through a checklist of questions. Not with her. This was about relationship building and gaining trust.

Toyin gave me new ideas of how I can use my expertise on leadership to address classroom management issues, with the idea of opening teachers’ eyes to a whole new area of their role in classroom leadership.

I shared with her my mindset imposters that were giving me limited beliefs and (Boom! )  she gave me another assignment to address this (as if I didn’t already have enough).

My biggest takeaway was when Toyin shared her own strategies for living a purposeful life each day.  She broke it down into life expectancy and making sure she makes a meaningful impact on people, no matter how small. It is people like her I want to keep in my circle of influence.

I feel that God has placed her in my life as an answer to my prayer, and I am so thankful to Him for her. I am gaining more than a mentor. I have gained a sister-friend.

Thank you Toyin!

Directors Leadership Lounge, Founder

Early Education Leadership Coach and Mentor

June Gilbert Collins, MaAEdT Regional Director of Operations for an International School, U.S.A

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